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We at Living Free use volunteer Christian teens and young adults from various churches throughout the community who have met the qualifications to be a Peer 2 Peer trainer. The Peer 2 Peer trainer will be used to mentor persons of his/her own age who are struggling with addiction and other problems. We will also use them in our Peer 2 Peer Talk Program, where they will talk about issues that teens and young adults are facing and how God can change their lives. We will use multiple media outlets for the Peer 2 Peer Talk Program. The goal for this program is teens helping other teens.


  • Must be a Christian
  • Must have parental consent
  • Must have pastor, youth pastor or parental endorsement
  • Must have compassion to reach the lost and hurting teens and young adults
  • Must know how to lead the lost to Christ
  • Must know most of the Biblical principles of the Bible
  • Must attend church on a regular basis
  • Must have leadership qualities
  • Must be free of all addictions
  • Must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA in high school or college
  • Must go through the Living Free training course

If you are interested in the Peer 2 Peer program, call Sharon at 304-281-0474 or email