"God never said that the journey would be easy, but He did say that the arrival would be worthwhile." -Max Lucado



A thankful heart opens the door toward God.  Since Heart 2 Heart has been volunteering at Peterson, you can see thankful hearts.  Our residents, family members and staff have enjoyed the energy of this ministry.

The people of this ministry are using their gifts that God has given them, and because of that the Peterson community is seeing God at work. 

There are several activities that Heart 2 Heart has done for our Peterson residents.  Just to name a few of them: re-decorated residents room with pictures on the walls and beautiful bedspreads; provided computers, radios and personal items for residents such as snacks/clothing; the ministry conducted a Lent/Easter Bible study; provided a fabulous event filled Octoberfest at the hospital;  escorted some of the younger residents out into the community with their families and surprised the residents with a once in a lifetime Christian concerts --The Newsboys and Casting Crowns.

We at Peterson THANK the volunteers of Heart 2 Heart for being obedient towards God and shining their light for our residents, family members and staff.  God Bless…Psalms 100:4

Susan Weir
Activity Director
Peterson Rehabilitation Hospital

To whom it may concern,

You don't have to be old to end up in a nursing home.  A split second can change your life for better or worse. I should know my daughter Laura was in her thirties when she was in a head-on collision with a drunk driver.

A nursing home is a ministry that is different than most. Heart 2 Heart volunteers will constantly be challenged in what they can do to make life better for these dear people. Without hope, there is nothing; without faith, we have nothing. Heart 2 Heart inspires both. They know not only physically but spiritually what these people need to live. They have used their time and money tirelessly in the Heart 2 Heart ministry.

It takes time, money, and patience to work with the disabled but it is so rewarding. Heart 2 Heart takes the younger patients on outings, and to concerts, church etc. They are always in need of help. Any support you would give would be most appreciated. Your prayers for her ministry is the most important of all. Thank you ,

Anna Adams

Nothing but an incredible program that has brightened and helped so many of our residents!!  The Heart 2 Heart assistance has allowed such wonderful, caring assistance to those in need.  The volunteers have provided supportive care and emotional support to our residents as well as their families.  With many thanks and blessings to you all.   Thanks again!

Marty Hores, LSW, 
Peterson Social Services.

Dear Heart 2 Heart Volunteers,
We are so appreciative of the support and gifts that you give to my sister. She had not really come out of her room for years and now she participates in many activities. We are so thankful for you all. Continue the great work of God.                           

God Bless you all,
Dave and Sandy Driscoll

Dear Heart 2 Heart Volunteers

Thank you for your gift to our residents, which included socks, t-shirts, underwear, special drink cups, miscellaneous snacks, and toiletries.  The men and women residents were so blessed.

Thank you, also, for the cassette tape player and batteries for our resident with specific needs. This cassette tape player was used to record music she loved, and this enabled her to calm and eased her restlessness.

The bibles we received were also greatly appreciated by our residents.

We are grateful for such an organization like Heart 2 Heart Volunteers. You were able to meet needs beyond what we could ever imagine.

Terri L. Davis
Activity Coordinator
Bishop Joseph H. Hodges CCC