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The most important part of our organization is visiting the sick, the disabled and the elderly and watching their lives transform right before our eyes by the power of friendship, love, companionship and God. Being able to be there for them when we are needed and seeing their faces light up and their smiles when we walk into their room makes our day. We are as blessed with the visits as they are. If they want to talk about God and pray we are eager to oblige. We respect all denominations and visit all persons in need, Christians and non-Christians alike. Our goal and mission is to find out what they need spirit, mind, and body and to provide it to the best of our ability.

What We Offer

  1. We will visit them in their home, hospital, and nursing homes.
  2. We will pay for transportation to doctor’s appointments, special family occasions, hospitals and treatment centers for those who cannot get out of their wheelchairs. They must qualify for this service.      
  3. We provide patients with things they need. We can be very flexible depending on each circumstance and need.
  4. We are advocates for them.
  5. We help to make wishes come true.
  6. We take patients 50 years old and younger, who are well enough, to events throughout the community - concerts, plays, movies, etc. We do this between the months of May and October.

If you would like to request a visit for yourself, a family member or friend, please call us at 304-281-0474 or email heart2heartvolunteers@gmail.com

We provide services based upon the availability of volunteers and funding.