“God takes every circumstance and makes something out of it. You might not see what you can do, but God can see what he can do.” –Laura of Laura’s Lending Closet


Laura’s Lending Closet


Hi, my name is Laura and welcome to Laura’s Lending Closet. I’ve always had a dream of helping others with disabilities like my own. Laura’s Lending Closet was created with the help of Heart 2 Heart Volunteers Inc. to be a great alternative to purchasing expensive home medical equipment. We loan gently used medical equipment to area residents on a short-term and long-term basis as available. We will post the needs of patients or residents in the local area as requested. We will take donations of equipment, which will typically include wheelchairs, walkers, hospital beds, etc. All donations are tax deductible; we will provide you with the necessary tax documents based on value of the items donated.

So if you have a need for medical equipment and you qualify for our program, or if you have equipment that you would like to donate in order to help someone in need, please contact us and we will add you to our list. Call us at 304-281-0474 or email heart2heartvolunteers@gmail.com.

Note from the Founder: Hi, my name is Sharon Travis, Founder of Heart 2 Heart Volunteers Inc. Laura is a patient who I visit and a good friend of mine. This program is a part of Laura’s dream to help others. Please listen to her inspiring story.

Hear Laura’s Story.